Roland Modela MDX-50

Roland Modela MDX-50


The MDX-50 increases performance with an expanded machining area and increased operating speeds while reducing production time with faster job processing and a 5-station Automatic Tool Changer for continuous operation without stopping to change milling tools.

With the control panel at the front of the unit, almost all operations can be completed from the unit itself without having to go back to a PC. The virtual control panel (VPanel) and bundled SRP Player CAM software simplifies operation, interfaces seamlessly with the MDX-50 and allows users to make changes to spindle rotation or speed during operation.

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Product Description

The MDX-50 benchtop CNC mill combines precise, automated milling and unmatched ease-of-use which makes it an ideal solution for short-runs and prototypes. It reduces operating time and simplifies production so users of all abilities can mill on a wide range of materials that include woods, composites, prototyping foam, mechanical plastics, and resins.

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