ULS PLS Platform Series

ULS PLS Platform Series

Uniquely Universal Features

  • Universal Control Panel (UCP)
    • Our exclusive integrated materials database in the UCP print driver automatically determines the optimum processing settings for your target material. Just select the material type, enter the material thickness and press “start.”
  • Rapid Reconfiguration™
    • Unique to ULS, Rapid Reconfiguration allows our modular platforms to be field-reconfigured with a variety of laser sources and other configurable components, in seconds. The most valuable component of a laser system, the laser source, is not tied to a particular machine, so almost any laser can be interchanged between different systems or exchanged with a laser of a different wattage to meet materials processing requirements.
  • SuperSpeed™
    • SuperSpeed and Dual Laser Configuration work together splitting the beams from two same wattage lasers to produce two lines of a raster image simultaneously, significantly speeding up marking and engraving productivity. For vector cutting, the laser beams can be combined to take advantage of higher power.
  • Dual Laser Configuration
    • Dual Laser Configuration optically combines two ULS laser sources into a single beam for additional power and flexibility.
  • High Power Density Focusing Optics™
    • High Power Density Focusing Optics (HPDFO™) focuses the laser beam to the smallest spot size available, producing images with tighter tolerances, making even miniscule engraving details sharp.
  • 1-Touch Laser Photo™
    • 1-Touch Laser Photo is our popular software package that makes it quick and easy to reproduce stunning photographic images on nearly any material.
  • Laser Sources
    • Our patented, metal core, air-cooled, free-space slab, COlasers produce excellent beam quality with even power distribution, good near-field and far-field characteristics and long life. Dual lasers dramatically increase speed, edge quality, and power.


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Product Description

The PLS4.75, PLS6.75, and PLS6.150D are engineered for significant gains in throughput. We suggest the PLS Platform Series of laser systems for customers seeking to expand a business or conquer challenging applications. The PLS Platform Series provides incremental optimization features for manufacturing applications requiring power, speed and superior raster and vector performance.

PLS Platforms provide enhanced power and productivity across the platform series, culminating in the PLS6.150D, equipped with Dual Laser Configuration and SuperSpeed for fastest laser marking and engraving. These features make the PLS Series the ideal laser platform for throughput-focused operations.

The PLS6.150D with SuperSpeed™ (PLS6.150DSS) platform is designed and engineered for demanding applications requiring maximum productivity. This model offers a truly flexible solution through its modular design. Lasers, focusing optics and many other modules can easily be added or removed to reconfigure the laser system to meet specific material or application requirements. Interchangeable factory pre-aligned laser sources can be individually or simultaneously controlled, producing a broad range of power, from 10 to 150 watts.

Please click here for product specifications for PLS4.75 and PLS6.75. Product specifications for PLS6.150D can be viewed from this link.

For information regarding the types of materials that can be laser processed and the processes (laser cutting, engraving, and marking) that are possible with a given material, please view the Materials Library.

Additional information


Work Surface Area 24 x 18 in (610 x 457 mm)


Work Surface Area 32 x 18 in (813 x 457 mm)


Work Surface Area 32 x 18 in (813 x 457 mm)

ULS PLS Platform Series

PLS4.75 Laser Platform, PLS6.150D Laser Platform, PLS6.75 Laser Platform

ULS PLS Platform Series Laser Power

PLS Platform Series 10 Watt, PLS Platform Series 25 Watt, PLS Platform Series 30 Watt, PLS Platform Series 40 Watt, PLS Platform Series 50 Watt, PLS Platform Series 60 Watt, PLS Platform Series 75 Watt, PLS6.150D 150 Watt


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