Markforged Metal X

Markforged Metal X


The Metal X 3D prints with a process similar to atomic bonding, resulting in what Markforged refers to as atomic diffusion additive manufacturing (ADAM). ADAM involves 3D printing with bound-powder rods, in which metal powder is contained within a plastic binder. A cartridge of these rods feeds the material to the printer, which prints the object layer by layer, melting the plastic and fusing it to the preceding layer.

Once the process is complete, the part can be placed in a traditional sintering furnace, which burns away the plastic and brings the metal to within 85% of its melting temperature. The metal fuses together, the component shrinks by about 20%, as is expected, and what’s left is a nearly fully dense metal part.

Product Description

The Markforged Metal X offers metal printing made affordable with large print volume, in-process inspection and 50-micron high-resolution prints in stainless steel, aluminum, tool steel, Inconel, and titanium for under $100K.

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